FO: My very first hat!

Thank you to those who helped figure out the decreases at the top! =)


Awwwwwww! That is an adorable hat and baby!!:inlove:

That is one cute hat and an ADORABLE baby!!!

Thanks. We have a lot of fun with him too! =)

So beautiful! Really wonderful for a first hat :smiley:


Oh how cute. The hat too. :teehee:


Both hat and model are cute. How old is he?

Oh how cuuuute!:heart::heart: (both the baby and the hat:teehee:)

You’ve done a good job:thumbsup: I can’t believe this is your first hat :shock:


Adorable !!

Wonderful, Farrah and it looks adorable on the baby too!

Oh wow! The hat is so cute! I love the top!!!

for your nice comments. Nicholas is almost 6 months and most of the time, he’s as sweet as can be…other times, we call him our little monster-in-a-cute-suit =)

I’m pleased with the way this first hat came out (I’m now working on a matching one for myself)…anyways…it’s doesn’t look quite like my inspiration (the La Folie hats) but it’s close enough since my husband would kill me if I bought a $40 hat for a baby =)


That’s simply adorable (and i mean the hat and the baby)!

Awww! :inlove: :inlove:

ohh gosh, it’s soo cute! awesome color choices. One lucky baby :heart:

Your first hat looks WAY more impressive than my first hat. :teehee:

Way to go!!! :cheering::happydancing::cheering:

Too cute , both hat and baby.