FO: My Socks

I finally made a pair of socks for me! I followed Silver’s Sock class again for these…I am so happy to have them done, it’s been so cold here and my feet have been freezing! Definitely gonna wear them tonight :slight_smile:

I used Sockina Cotton again, I just love that yarn!

ETA: The socks obviously didn’t end up matching quite exact, I thought I started the second sock the same as the first, but, it didn’t turn out that way…lol…ah well, they’re for me for around the house so no biggie.

Oooo, I see why you love the yarn, it does neat things. Nice socks!! I really like the colors.

:happydance:Great job!

They look fantastic!

Holy cow!!! Though I’ve been knitting for a few years now, this is THE first time I have ever worn a pair of hand-knit socks and I must say, I don’t think I ever want to wear store bought socks again! They’re so soft and warm, yet airy and have such a smooth texture! Now to learn the 2 socks at a time method so I can start whippin’ 'em out like mad…lol

They look great! I am sure when I finally try self patterning yarn I will not get them the same either! That just shows they’re one of a kind! (I mean two of a kind! LOL!)

The first time I wore a pair of handmade socks, I felt the sameway :slight_smile: they can’t be beat, right?!

Great Job! Love the yarn & also your color choice.
I don’t think I have ever heard of ‘sockina’ sock yarn. Is that the name of the company that makes the yarn? Where could I find some? I think I could squeeze one more sock yarn into my sock stash :teehee:


Those are great!

I think they look great. In the new knitting daily tv. Annie Modisett discusses how to get the socks to match. I’ve never used that yarn. is that in a hank or in a skein? if so, she said to count the strands so you have half and half and then cut. so you two balls to work each sock. then will then match exactly.

Does that make sense? When she was showing it, It made perfect sense but my summary could be gobblely gook. LOL

Great looking pair of socks, so what if they don’t exactly match. Just means that they are a bit eccentric, just like you. :thumbsup:

:cheering: They look great!

They look great I love the colour,they look matched up to me and anyway I think wearing mismatched socks is a fashion statment

The manufacturer is Schoeller Stahl. The only place online I’ve seen that carries a variety of the Sockina at a decent price is ebay…This HERE is the yarn I used for my socks, however, my LYS carries Sockina so that’s where I get mine from. My LYS carries if for around $12.95, I believe, and it’s on ebay for $1.00 more. The other online stores I’ve seen carry it for anywhere between $15.95-$19.95. I think it’s definitely worthy of making its way into anyone’s stash! :teehee: Oh, and the yarn is a cotton, nylon, acrylic blend.

marvellous! :heart:

What a great looking pair of socks!

I think that matching the colors can be overrated at times. Sure, I myself am anal about it, but I think it adds personality when you don’t try to match them!

I personally have never had a pair match up. I thought it was pretty cool how Demonica’s matched so well :slight_smile:

I think they look great too! Looks like they match up pretty dang close to me! Great job!

Is there a problem with the cotton stretching out, or do the nylon and acrylic prevent that?

They have stretched out a little bit but I wonder how they’ll be after washing. Since I followed Silver’s Sock Class, (being only the second pair of socks I have knit up) I didn’t worry about gauge or measuring. I probably could have done with casting on fewer stitches as the cuffs of the socks were a bit bigger than my ankle anyway. I feel confident enough with socks now, however, to follow a stricter pattern next time.

I knit a pair of socks for my nephew a while ago, using the same yarn (different colors) and they seem to have held up pretty well without much stretching.

I don’t want to say definitely the yarn stretching is a problem until I knit a pair more tailored to the size of my ankles and feet though…lol…