FO - My So Called Scarf

Another finished project!! I’m so excited!

The yarn is Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Chunky. The colorway is “Marvelous.” So fitting!

The yarn is so soft that I was coaxed away from the socks I have on my needles.

The pattern is My So Called Scarf. You can find the Ravelry pattern link here, and the regular internet link here.

Did you know that patterns on Ravelry have a comments tab? I have found it very helpful to check out the comments before starting a project. Included in this pattern’s comments was this link to a video that demonstrated the strangely-worded stitch instructions.

Armed with the additional information, I cast on.

I began this project on the 20th of January and “officially” finished it this morning, the 28th. In reality, the pattern was so simple that it shouldn’t have taken so long to complete; however, my life has been hectic, leaving little time to work on it.

I used both skeins I had purchased. The scarf measures 54″ x 4 1/2″. Not too long, I know, but it’s perfect for my height, which is, to be politically-correct, “petite.”

Here are the results…



The next picture shows a good comparison of the wrong side (the left) and the right side (on the right)…


The next picture is a close-up of the stitch pattern. As you can see, it really does showcase the yarn.


One special note: if you make this scarf, make sure you check out the bind-off suggestion on the comments tab on Ravelry. This scarf has a reputation for having a flared bind-off edge. Of course, I had to learn the hard way and bound off the usual way…purling since I was on the wrong side. The result was hideous. So, I frogged that last row and followed the suggestion…to p2tog, p2tog, and then bring the first stitch over the second one (the one closest to the tip of the needle). From there, you just p2tog and bring that first stitch over each time, as in a regular bind off.

Voila. I had a straight edge.
Thanks for looking!! :muah:

Wow! I love it. Those colors are so nice.

That is seriously one of the loviest scarves I’ve ever seen! It’s gorgeous, and the yarn is so beautiful!

Lovely, can almost feel its softness, beautiful colors and an interesting stitch. linknit41

LOVE it!!! Love that yarn AND pattern! It turned out gorgeous!

Very pretty Nathalie - love the colorway! And thanks for the tips - I have this in my queue and your tips will come in very handy!! :slight_smile:

LOVE those colors and the stitch is just perfect for the yarn. NICE!

What a lovely scarf. How did you keep the sides so neat and straight?

Well, another project to add to my queue. And thanks for those tips, the pattern seemed odd and that has kept me from attempting this.

That yarn you chose is just beautiful!

Hmmm…I really didn’t do anything special. I’m sure it’s just the pattern that keeps the edges straight.

Thanks for the very kind words, all. This is an amazing scarf. I love, love, love it. :heart: Your generous compliments make it even better.


Your scarf turned out great and I also like the colors in the yarn. Thanks for the tip about the bind off! Mine flared out.

That looks fantastic. I know that yarn is so soft, it must feel wonderful to wear.

:inlove: very pretty! I love their yarns they are all sooo soft!!

That is really beautiful!! And thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Love it! The colors are great and the stitches are really cool!

Oh, that’s just so pretty. I love it! I bought a book not too long ago just to get this same pattern. I wish I had looked more online for it. :cry: Ah well. Thanks for the other links, too. I looked at the pattern when I got the book and it didn’t make much sense to me, so hopefully now it will.

Great job! :cheering:

Very pretty!

You know…last night I was looking through my knit & purl stitch dictionary, and I saw the herringbone stitch. I believe it’s the same one. It never made sense before, but it totally does now.

Thanks AuburnChick for the helpful tip on binding off. I have made two scarves in this pattern and was not happy at all with the look of the b/o. I just might try and redo them. It is a great pattern, making a throw pillow now (center part) out of super-bulky yarn in the pattern also. Your scarf is beautiful and love your selection of yarn.

It’s so pretty :inlove: