FO - My So Called Scarf

I’m on a roll! 2 FOs in a week? That’s extremely rare for me!
[COLOR=#ffccff][FONT=verdana][COLOR=black]This is the ubiquitous [U]MSCS[/U][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#ffccff][FONT=verdana][COLOR=black] - my third one! This is my second time knitting it in Malabrigo…I just LOOOOVE this yarn and pattern combination. And this one is for me - yay! Only problem is that since I made this scarf pretty long, the middle part gets a little stretched out. If I make a fourth MSCS, I might go down a needle size to make a thicker and less stretchy fabric.[/COLOR] [/FONT][/COLOR]

I LOVE the colorway you went with on this scarf. Beautiful. I love this pattern! WTG!

It’s really lovely.
I like to make scarves myself, very soothing, so I always like to see others’ scarfing adventures… :slight_smile:


I love it! I have some purple mmmmmm I think I’ll whip out and do this one.

I love knitting scarves too…they require just the right amount of yarn and time.

Very pretty and I love the color.

I love making scarves too - they let you try out and perfect new techniques, but also take just the right amount of time that I don’t get bored - I have a short attention span!

It looks great! I love the color yarn you used! :thumbsup:

Looks wonderful in MMMM…

:happydance: Very pretty!! I love this scarf in malabrigo!!

Pretty yarn and scarf!! :inlove:

love it! :inlove: :inlove: it looks so warm and cozy!

Fantabulous job!

Beautiful! :heart:

B-U-T-ful!!! I simply love the look of this stitch.

Beautiful! I love that colorway, and the Malabrigo is perfect for MSCS. Great work!

Looks very nice. :slight_smile:

Wow!! I really love that! I saw some scarves at Bergners last week that looked a lot like yours–similar stitch, width, chunky…but weren’t such a pretty color. Fantastic work!

Nice work!