FO--My So Called Scarf

This is my first FO worth showing. It was easy, but it took me a couple of weeks.

I used 2 skeins of Manos del Uruguay in color 113. I got the pattern from I used the same yarn as she did because I loved the colors so muchI

The yarn was great to work.

First FO post, hope I did it right!

that’s really cute, glad u decided to post it.

p.s. ANY fo is worth posting :thumbsup:

That’s beautiful! :cheering:

I love it I love it I love it I love it times infinity!!!

I realllllllly love those colors! Is it itchy? I need to know before I go out and buy the same exact one!!

I couldn’t get the pattern… :pout: I keep adding a stitch somehow :verysad:

It’s beautiful! I love that stitch and I love that colorway.

i love this scarf! you did a beautiful job on it. :cheering:

Your scarf is so pretty!! Is that colorway called “wildflowers” by Manos? I love it!! :heart:

Hi everyone, thank you for all the kind words. I am very happy with the way the scarf turned out, but now of course our weather is in the 50’s to 60’s. Oh well I have been wearing it anyways.

The yarn is 100% wool, so it is not as soft as I would like, but it is softer than other wools I have felt. I also had trouble with the pattern at first, I would alway lose a stitch, so I counted my stitches after each row.

Yes the colorway is “wildflower”. Manos has so many beautiful colorways, but that one just called my name.


Wow, that’s absolutely gorgeous :inlove: I tried this pattern and it was really hard. Many props to you for doing it so well :notworthy:

Lovin’ it :cheering:

I :heart: it! It’s sooo pretty in those colors. I also really like that stitch pattern. I tried it out in a swatch, and it is really easy to just psso and forget to knit into it. Counting after every row is vital!

I would say it’s in between the itchy/harshness of Kureyon and the soft butteriness of Malabrigo.

I love the colors too. :heart:

just lovely! Great work!


Very pretty pattern and yarn. Wow…this just might be my inspiration for my next project…thanks for sharing.