FO - My Scrunchable Scarf

I just finished my first Scrunchable Scarf. I used this yarn in dusty purple and coupled it with a mohair to match.

Disco Lights Yarn

I love the way it turned out (my pictures are terrible), but I don’t really see all the fuss about Tilli Tomas yarns in general so I probably won’t knit with it in the future…Anyways, here it is. My giftee is absolutely thrilled with it and I love the pattern :slight_smile:

Beautiful! I love the color! Was it hard to knit with that yarn? Seems like the sequins would be kind of difficult, but the result sure is lovely!

Looks like you did a great job :cheering: Glad all your hard work was appreciated

It wasn’t the softest knitting I’ve ever done. It wasn’t hard to work around the sequins but I’m going to make the scarf again in somthing regular since I do love the pattern :slight_smile:

That looks lovely! :slight_smile:

That’s pretty!