Fo - my red socks!

[B]Woohoo!!![/B] :woohoo: I finally knit something for [B]ME[/B]!!! Introducing my [B]RED SOCKS![/B] :woot:

These are really cushy and warm and soft! :heart: I might live in them… well, for a day anyways! :yay:

Now to CO for DH’s second pair of socks…

Oh PRETTY! :muah: Love those, bet you’ll be showing those off for sure!

Looking good Christine. Glad you have finally finished something for yourself.

So pretty !! There is no stopping you now :slight_smile:

Uh oh…TheKnitter is addicted to socks! Look out World!

They’re lovely! GREAT job!

Nice socks!

Come over and help me get my first pair started!

Laura :slight_smile:

[B]Hi Laura:[/B] Try doing what I did. Read every post about sock knitting for the next few weeks. Then go find Shandehs YouTube on joining and watch it several times. Then go to Silvers Sock Tutorial and read it several times. Then start knitting!!! It`s what worked for me. My first ever sock even looked like a sock, thanks to those two wonderful people. If not for them, I would never even have had the courage to try! If I can do it, Laura, [B]SO CAN YOU![/B] :woot:

GREAT job… LOVE :inlove: the color!!!

Thanks! They match my bath robe. I am so warm and comfy tonight sitting here knitting DH`s next pair of socks. :woot:

So pretty! Nice job!:yay:

Socks look great. Be warned - now you’ll have to knit more - then buy more needles so you can have several pair OTN - then buy more yarn to furnish your habit :slight_smile:

From one how knows!

The needles are on their way. DH bought me a set of KP Harmony sock needles. I patiently ([B]NOT[/B]) wait for their arrival.

The yarn is another story altogether. It is hard to find non-wool sock yarn in Ontario. Believe me, I have hunted. I have some coming by mail. I [B]WILL[/B] find more!

Where do you get your yarn from…

very nice! Sounds like you are addicted to socks now!

Who me… (picture a church basement, a sign on the wall saying simply YA (or perhaps KA), chairs lined up facing the podium, people sitting waiting, and then in comes one woman)

Hi, my name is The.Knitter and I cant stop knitting socks. You see, it all started when I joined a community called KH. Lots of people on the KH site are VERY accomplished knitters. They inspire me to want to do better. I am constantly trying new things now. My poor husband just cant keep up with all of this. He IS my enabler. If I need it for my knitting, he gets it for my knitting. He`s not dumb. He knows that if he gets these new things for my knitting he will get hand knit socks! The list of people asking for socks just keeps growing and growing.

I suppose I need a sponsor. The only problem is that the person I chose as my sponsor is sitting over there in that corner knitting a SOCK!!!


I love them!! They look [B][COLOR=“Red”]perfect[/COLOR][/B]!

They look great!! :yay:

They look great! Comfy and warm and woo-hoo! you get to start another pair!

What great socks and I love the colour. I am finally knitting a pair of socks for myself at the moment using Lorna’s Laces. Whenever I finish a pair of socks they seem to go walkabouts (thanks to my DD!!)

Great job, they look like so much fun!