FO: My own crocheted baskets

I’ve had the best time making these. No pattern or instructions. So liberating!:sun:

Beautiful baskets. Love each one. I so admire those of you who can just start out without a pattern and make something so uniquely their own. :yay:

Those are sure cute.

cool baskets

Those are beautiful baskets, and they show your creative side so nicely. :slight_smile:

  • Trisha

What fun! They’re beautiful!

:happydance: they look great!

Those look really pretty!!!

I have a fiend who everytime she sees me improknitting/designing, she’s like, “Aren’t you useing a patttternnnn? It’s gonnnnaaa loookkk AWfuuulll when yaour done…” rolling eyes Whatever. Just another project that shows differently!!!

Way to go Kat!