FO: My "Not Arlene" Shortsleeved Pullover

Wow! Super! When I get better as a knitter I would like to try something like this.

That’s lovely! I love the purple. I have the same book, but I haven’t used the book yet. In fact, I have never knitted a sweater. You have inspired me to pull out the book and try knitting a top-down sweater. Good job!

I like Ann Budd’s books, because it is so easy to customize the patterns. The book is mainly tables of sizes, gauges, and stitch counts. I especially like that format for children’s sweaters. Most of my DGC’s (Dear GrandChildren) are tall and slim, so it is easy to follow one set of numbers for the width, and another for the length.

That’s very pretty, love the colour too. It was an Ann Budd book I used to teach myself sock knitting, a far cry from your beautiful sweater but I like Ann’s style.

It’s really a darling design! Great work!

Very nice fancy tee. You did a very good job on it. Love the lace.