FO: My Nephew's Legend of Zelda Hat

This is my nepehw’s Legend of Zelda hat I made him to match his blanket I’ll be making him.

I think it turned out great. I did the hearts as an afterthought when creating the pattern for this hat because he broke his femur during football practice, so I wanted a subtle “get well”. I hope he likes his hat.

Anyway, here it is:

Wonderful hat and excellant work! It’s a great graphic. You knit it in the round? How did you do the Gs?


Yup. I knitted it in the round. For the Gs, I had to strand three colors at the same time. I made the floats after every three stitches if the colors were more than five stitches apart. It was the hardest part of it all, and I had to do that for ten rounds, lol. However, I got it done, and I’m proud of myself because I’ve been knitting for only five months.

Seriously cool hat and he is going to love, love, it! :inlove:

Totally amazing. Incredibly well done! Hope Nephew’s break heals quickly.

It looks great. I love the message and look of the hearts myself, I hope he isn’t adverse to them. You did a really good job. :thumbsup:

That’s really cute.

Woweee! That’s a very striking color combination, and it really looks wonderful!!!

Thanks, everyone. :slight_smile: I hope he likes it. This Saturday I’m going to tell him to close his eyes so he doesn’t see what it looks like and put it on his head to see if it fits. Then all I need to do is wrap it for Christmas!

Just don’t tell him it’s a hat and spoil the surprise! ;p

wow that is awesome!