FO- My long skinny So Called Scarf

just finished it up! next time i’ll do the slipped knit stitch on the edges so the sides will be straight, but for this one, i think it turned out well. i love long skinny scarves with long tassels…
hopefully my friend i made it for will feel the same way! :cheering: :happydance:

It’s beautiful. I love the color and I love that stitch pattern. Great job!

It’s so beautiful! Long and skinny scarves are the way to go. The stitches show up so well with that yarn/color. May I ask what it is?

Long and skinny scarves are great! I love the color.

Very nice. My dil wears scarves all the time and this type, long and skinny would be something she would definitely wear. It is a beautiful pattern and color!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE long skinny scarves. it’s a great way to use up scrap yarn from other projects! they are perfect to wear indoors. i wear mine to keep the chill off during the winter cause our office is always cold!

the color is some sort of blue “solid” manos. i can’t remember the colorway…bought the yarn 3 years ago for a sweater i never finished… :?? i think any manos will show stitch patterns really well because of the slight color and thickness variations!

:happydance: :cheering:
feels good to have it done! i’m shipping it off this morning! :smiley:

Great job! I love love love love that color! :inlove:

oohhhh - gorgeous yarn!!! great job! :cheering:

[size=6][color=indigo]It’s GORGEOUS!!! Love the color and the stitch pattern!![/color][/size]