FO My little doll clothes

Here are the doll clothes to go with the purse/cradle I posted a few days ago. The doll is only 6 inches tall.

What a sweet set, Sue. Someone is going to be very lucky.

I love them all. I think some little girl will be over the moon. Lovely work Sue :slight_smile:

I love 'em, too. Oh cute as buttons and any big girl would like them, too!!!

Oh my, those are soooooooooo very cute. Your DGD is going to LOVE those clothes, the dolly and the little purse/cradle she goes into. Fantastc job!

Just showed these to my Maddi and she said, “Awwww” LOL! :teehee: Guess this “Nana” will have to get busy!

My granddaughter usually likes her dolls to be naked, so I hope this set will inspire her. I plan on making some outfits for her bigger dolls soon. It is a good way of using up odds and ends of yarn. I have some doll sewing patterns too which I may try but sewing is not really my thing.

:inlove: those little outfits are to cute!! :yay:

I bought the pattern for the purse but want to find a doll to fit inside too… :happydance:

In Canada, I bought the doll in Zellers. You should be able to find one in Walmart or Target.

Those are adorable! :heart:

They are all so adorable! They remind me of the doll clothes my grandma used to knit for my dolls. Such wonderful memories!!!

Very sweet! I know what you mean about naked dolls :wink: Did you have a pattern for those clothes or did you wing it? I would like to try making some of those for my dgd.

Those are so cute. What a lucky little girl. They also look easy to put on and take off. Sometimes it’s hard to dress dolls.

I knitted a cardigan for my daughter’s baby a couple weeks ago. But I haven’t considered a whole wardrobe! My daughter is 8 and the doll is well loved. I thought the doll could use the protection of a nice thick sweater! And I also made it to practice steeking, I have to post a picture.

As a former (doll) stripper and dunker, Sue. Your DGD should out grow it, especially with such nice outfits knitted by grandma.

Indygirl, I had some of the patterns that a friend and I made up years ago when we were making dolls clothes. The rest I just made up as I went along after looking at other toy patterns.

Wow, all those good looks AND talent too! You are amazing!!!

Too cute!

Awwww, so cute. Really made me smile to look those over. That dolly is a cutie pie and her wardrobe is precious. Little girls love changing clothes. LOL I just read the part about your DGD liking her dolls naked. Maybe this will help. Maybe not. LOL

Those are absolutely adorable. And so inspiring! :inlove:

My daughter’s favorite doll is dressed in a light baby doll dress and I feel bad when DD is all bundled up and carrying her baby doll (upside down by one leg) that doesn’t even have sleeves, leggings or a hat! :rofl:

Those are adorable!