FO: My "Leaving" Pullover

Started this puppy away back in June 2011. It’s not like me to procrastinate on finishing up a sweater for 8 months! Oy vey!

I did, however, have quite a few challenges with this sweater. The fit of the body, the fit of the sleeves. I reknit the sleeves once or twice. I added side seam gussets on the side seams to give my “waist” more room. Ahem.

She sat neatly folded for months, just waiting on the seaming and collar band. Shees.

My notes

I modified the pattern stitch on the sleeves. I like my sleeves much better than the original sweater, which are tracks that look like racing stripes up the side of the arm all the way to the shoulder seams.

BTW: colors in the “red” family are very difficult to photograph. My brother-in-law gave
me some tips, but I haven’t tried them yet.

Here is the REAL COLOR of my yarn for this sweater! It is a deep fuschia!


Yet another lovely FO. I really really like it and think your sleeves are definitely better than racing stripes. Enjoy wearing it. You’ll be beautiful in it. Like the color, what’s it called?

I thought you were going to tell us you were leaving on a trip! Just don’t leave us!

That is gorgeous! :inlove: I’d never finish anything if I had to seam them. :teehee:

The seaming with this yarn was incredibly fast, and easy. I had seamed the side inserts (gussets) to each side of the Back before I blocked all four pieces…but then seaming the sides took place all over again when I put the pullover together yesterday.

This is very pretty.
Red is my favorite color, especially the deeper ones.
I love the way you did the sleeves.
It looks like the leaves of a tulip with a rose bud above.

THANKS! The rosebud was exactly what I was going for! In lieu of continuing up the sleeve with the “racing stripe” after the Leaves concluded, I closed off the ribbing (which would have been the racing stripes growing out of the center of the Leaves) in increments to create the rosebud!

I’m glad you noticed that!

I didn’t go for the racing stripes (track of ribbing) going up to the top of my arms BECAUSE it stretched out on the upper arm and looked sucky, unless you have pencil arms like the designer. It looked great on her.

Looking at all the other Leaving projects (on larger girls with fuller upper arms) I could see how bad it looked.
These sleeves were designed for the woman who is the XS or S. I don’t know why in the world the designer would offer this sweater in the larger sizes with such tight sleeves! Big girls aren’t just a fuller chest size! We have larger upper arms as well.

Beautiful, inspiring work. I like your sleeves better, too!

Mmmmm, fuschia, I love it! It’s a gorgeous sweater with a really lovely pattern on the sleeves. Once I see your version, I can’t imagine anything else

This is such a beautiful sweater… love the patterning on the front and the echo of it on the sleeves. The colour is gorgeous!
TEMA :thumbsup:

Your way is so much better. I want to see one that’s your own original design.

It’s a gorgeous sweater with a really lovely pattern on the sleeves. Once I see your version, I can’t imagine anything else.

I totally agree with salmonmac.

Gorgeous as always. I love the pattern and the color. Doncha just hate when a project gives you the fits. I am trying to finish a blanket at the moment and I will be so glad when it is done. It isn’t big or particularly hard, though I have frogged over and over from not paying attention, but I will just be glad when I can ship the darn thing out to the new mother.

As always, your work is lovely–so perfect, professional, and artistic! Since I have yet to follow a pattern as is, I applaud you for taking creative license with this one. Especially since it really sounds like it needed it.

All in all, I’d have to say the finished project was worth the delay, wouldn’t you? And besides, it’s not like you were “doing nothing” (as Olha’s friend would say). You were making a truck load of beautifully knitted projects for others!!

Gorgeous. Really beautiful. I like the sleeve modifications, you did a great job.

I love it! :slight_smile:

Gorgeous!! (as always)
I love your mods to the sleeves :heart:

Beautiful! Love the color, and the pattern…but Why did you call it you ‘leaving’ project?

“Leaving” is the name of the pattern. The pattern stitch up the middle looks like leaves.

Leaving, like Flowering…

I wonder if there is such a word as “leafing”? woulda been better!

Absolutely beautiful (as usual!) :inlove:

I love the mods you made, too … they definitely improved the pattern!