FO- My Knitting Olympics Project

I actually finished these before the olympics were over, but just now got around to posting them. Hereis where I started them, in the Knitalong here on KH.
The pattern is Andrea’s Mittsfrom Knitpicks, and they were really fun to make. I used a couple of new techniques, such as a crocheted provisional cast on and picot bind off. They’re a little big on me because they’re for a friend who’s taller and has longer hands than me. I hope she likes them!
Yay! :clink:

Those are really pretty!

Well done! :cheering: They really quite beautiful.

What’s not to like? They’re gorgeous!!!

They are really cool! Nice work!

Hey Nicole, I’m taller than you, and I’d love them, sure she will also.

You’ve inspired me to try a pair for next Fall.

They’re very pretty!

They’re very pretty! Congrats on finishing them before the deadline :cheering:

Ooooo la la! So nice! Very feminine! I just gotta get with it this summer and knit me up some gloves and gauntlets!

Great knitting, nicoleheather!

You did a great job … they look fabulous!

Those are so beautiful, I espiecally love the colors nice choices (looks like green and brown on my screen) no sure if thats correct or not but they are goregous none the less. I wish I had your tallent! Great job they look amazing:thumbsup:

So pretty! I was knitting mitts all winter - think I might add this project to next fall’s mitt knitting! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

What a unique pattern. Me likes. :o