FO: my garter stitch scarf

im happy that my first FO is finished…feels good…but when i binded off i messed up the last stitch somewhere and i had to tie the end together just so it wouldnt come apart…

Very lovely. I adore that yarn! And nobody will ever notice the bind off. Great job!

Great job on your first FO :cheering:! Don’t worry about the bind off, the more you knit, the more skills you learn :yay:

Great First FO :slight_smile: Looks great !!

Great scraf, and I love the colorway.:cheering:

Congratulations on your first FO! Looks great!

:happydance: It looks great!!

Congratulations! Great work! I love those colors.

Nicely done!

We all make mistakes, that’s how we learn. It looks beautiful!

Ooh…pretty. I like that yarn. I’m making a garter stitch scarf out of lavender Lion Brand homespun yarn. Boy, I’ll never use this yarn again! I hate the way it bunches up!

Great scarf!