FO: My First Sweater!

Wow! Great job and that is your first sweater and you made up the pattern??? Again , Wow and it looks great!

:woot: it looks wonderful!! Great job :woot:

That looks fantastic-great job on your very first custom designed sweater :thumbsup: great job!!

Thanks for the nice comments everyone! My boyfriend is wearing the sweater AGAIN today! I think I’m going to have to fight him to get it off his back and wash it. LOL! :roflhard:

… Definitely going to have to wash it soon with the way he keeps wearing it everyday now… :shock:

Good looking sweater!

He finally took the sweater off today only because he has to wear dress shirts to work. I’m pretty sure he’ll put the sweater back on the second he comes home. :wink:

He makes me so proud to be a knitter… Even a new knitter. I hope everyone has a person that loves receiving hand-knitted gifts. :grphug:

Thats really a good-looking sweater. GREAT JOB! :thumbsup: