FO: My First Sweater!

I finished my first sweater ever. It’s a sweater for my boyfriend’s birthday. [I](Yes, I’ve heard about the “boyfriend sweater curse” but it hasn’t affected me yet, LOL!)[/I] :woohoo:

My boyfriend is a very tall guy (6’5") so it took a [I]whole[/I] lot of yarn to make him this sweater. I used 10 (yes, TEN) whole skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease to make this sweater. I’m sure it would have been easily 13 skeins but he likes his clothes “fitted”, thank God, so it saved me from having to buy and knit even more yarn. :passedout:

I used my Denise kit to make 24" 10.5 & 11 circular needles for the body and 16" 10.5 & 11 circular needles for the arms and neck. I also used size 8 double-pointed bamboo needles for the cuffs. It’s knit 100% in the round so that it’s one seamless piece (except for the little seam under each arm). I made the pattern up out of my head. It was tough but I made it through. :thud:

My boyfriend loves the sweater and wears it all the time. Yay! :heart:

Ooh, it’s beautiful! Great job :slight_smile: Congrats on not experiencing the curse, and further - knitting a garment that a man actually loves and wears! What an accomplishment :woot:

That looks wonderful. Great job.

Thanks so much! Funny thing… He’s wearing it right now. LOL! He just loves his sweater. :woot:

I see why he loves it, it’s a great sweater! You did a super job on it! :yay: :yay:

That’s a great job on a first sweater:cheering: Knit in the round, designed yourself, you’re talented! And your boyfriend sounds like a keeper to me :teehee:

If he behaves himself I might actually keep him, LOL! :slight_smile:

I taught myself how to knit just before Christmas by looking at a few books and stumbling upon this lovely site. With the great instructions, videos and ideas found here I was able to learn the basics very quickly. (THANKS EVERYONE!) :woot:

Now I plan on trying some more advanced techniques… Maybe some lace? Are there any simple, illustrated lace tutorials around? I can’t seem to find any…

I made the pattern up out of my head. It was tough but I made it through

That’s amazing, you did really well. Did you write everything down? Lovely sweater!

Thanks so much, Deb! I measured my bust which is a little bigger than his waist and cast on for my bust size (knowing it would more than fit his waist). I stopped periodically and forced him into the piece to check for sizing, LOL! He was like “What are you doing? Why do I have to put this on?” LOL! He didn’t know I was making it for him. He assumed I was making it for myself because I told him ,“I can’t measure the piece on my own body…” Hehe! :wink:

I wrote down the cast on number, increased and decreases, so yes, I do think I have a rough pattern made up just in case I need to make him another sweater. :thumbsup:

It looks amazing!

You did a very nice job with your sweater!

WOW - great job on your first sweater - and you designed it yourself too! Looks great!!

Wow! Fantastic job. I’ve never created anything myself yet (except scarves)… too busy just trying to do all the wonderful patterns that are out there!

Great job! I can see why he likes it! That’s great that you made up the design, for yourself! My daughter is really good at that, too!

Great job :yay: . I will never be able design, only copy someone’s pattern!!

Great Job!! I’ll bet your B.F. is very proud of you and your knitting. :yay: :yay: :yay:

That looks awesome! I’m in awe of anyone who can make up a pattern…and have it come out that great!

Great job! It looks really nice. :slight_smile:

EZ would be proud! and such a nice boyfriend for wearing it a lot!:cheering:

Your sweater is great. And it fits perfectly. No wonder he wears it all the time. How very sweet of you to make your first sweater for him. He must be a really special guy.