FO: My first sweater!

I used Jenna Adorno’s “Tempting” pattern.
Red Heart worsted weight acrylic-about a skein and a half. The color is called “Country Rose”.

I think if I make another one, I’d use a lighter-weight yarn, probably a cotton.

Beautiful for a first effort! Very classy and a pretty color, too! :muah:

Very nice job and I love the color! (looks like it fits great, too.)

Wow!!! It turned out beautiful!!! I know you must be stoked! Great job!

O lovely, that looks wonderful! I really like the ribbon detail.

A perfect fit right out of the gate! Congrats! Great job! :slight_smile:


It’s beautiful! Congratulations…

Woah, beautiful ribbing! I especially love the short sleaves and bow on this, it makes it look classy indeed. :inlove:

That is beautiful! :heart:

Oh that came out wonderful! I have the same sweater in line to try next thing in almost the same color! I hope mine looks as well as yours.

Did you run into any trouble I might like to know about ahead of time?

oooo i love that pattern! your’s came out great!

Very pretty and a perfect fit. love the ribbon. well done.

That is a very sweet sweater, and looks great on you. The ribbon really gives it more class.

Love the color, looks perfect.

omg! its beautiful! make me one!

:inlove: very pretty!!

Beautiful! You did a great job!

Great job! I want to make one too now!

It was time-consuming, but just as easy as it looked. The most complicated thing I had made previously was a sock. This sweater took me almost a month(did I mention I have three little kids?). The hardest part was joining the sleeves to the main body of the sweater. And once I figured that part out, it wasn’t long before I finished it. Good luck, knit2btied, on yours!

Thanks, Ilove, I can’t wait to cast on and get started. A month doesn’t seem too bad for a first sweater! Luckily you’ll have it to wear as the weather begins to change. Just in time, huh?