FO: My First Sweater!

I am so excited! This is my first sweater ever and I think it turned out great :woohoo: … it’s from the Yarn Girls’ Guide to Knits for Older Kids. It’s a very simple rolled edge sweater. I made it a little large because I’m new to all this and the size lower would have been too small and I had no idea how to adjust it, but she’ll grow into it :slight_smile:


I learned a lot while making it – mainly that I CAN do it and to just plunge right in and make whatever I want :woot:


It’s cute! Great job! And it’s always nice to make something a little big instead of too small.

Great job!!! I am thinking about starting my first sweater sometime soon too and I just bought that book. So it was easy huh? You might convince me to give it a go.

I think it looks great! You picked the perfect size. It doesn’t look too big at all. Besides, kids really hate clothes that are too form fitting (til they get to be teens, that is :wink:).

You did a great job. The hardest part is finding the right pattern that works for you!!!:cheering:

Great job! As your little one grows, it won’t be long before the sweater ‘just fits’ and then it’ll be ‘a bit small.’ Honing your sweater-making skills will ensure she’ll be donning your creations for decades to come. :slight_smile:


I, personally, am thrilled for you! I would love to try a sweater, but I’m still a litlte afraid! Congratulations! It looks great!

Hurrah. :cheering: You did a very nice job. It is also wise to make a sweater a little big sometimes for children to wear more than one year or to put shirts and turtlenecks under for extra warmth.

Good for you!!! It looks awesome!! Making myself a sweater is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Glad you took the plunge!!

:muah: It looks sooo great!!-and your DD is a cutie pie too :thumbsup: Good job!! And I agree, it’s good that its a bit big-she’ll get to wear it for much longer!

I think it’s perfect! The color is beautiful, and your daughter is a real doll!

I think it’s perfect. What a cutie, too.

ADORABLE sweater and redhead!

great job, all first sweaters should be done with bulky yarn, then they go faster and you are hooked
THEN you can go with smaller and smaller yarn even if it takes longer you just KNOW how wonderful it will be

Great job, it looks fabulous, welcome to knitting BIG things, next one will be for you (one can hope)


what a cutie!! It looks great and love the color…I agree it’s best to have it a bit to big than small… I made a sweater for my little girl when I first started knitting it’s still a tad to big for her but it’s her favorite comfy sweater that she grabs everytime it has been washed :teehee:

It looks wonderful and so does your DD :heart:. Now you can do everything :cheering:

Yea for your first sweater!!! I finished my first sweater recently too! Doesn’t it boost your confidence? Very nice sweater pattern! Nice to meet another Georgia knitter too!

Looks great! Your daughter is adorable. The color is lovely.

Wow, that look great, and your DD is so cute! I’m working on my first sweater as well (something for ME for once), so I hope mine turns out half as good.

Congratulations on making your first sweater! It looks great, and your daughter is cute too! :slight_smile: