Fo: my first sweater!

Hey everyone! I have to say, this is probably the single most rewarding thing I’ve ever knit. It’s no exaggeration to say I have many sleepless nights and many shed tears over this sweater, because figuring out the gauge and yarn substitution was probably the most difficult and frustrating thing I’ve done in knitting. Once I got that all figured out though, knitting it up was pretty smooth sailing.

This is my Lace Leaf Pullover, a pattern from Interweave Knits. It was knit with Cascade Pastaza on size 15 needles. The main body was knit from the bottom up, then the top down and grafted together, with lace leaf details on the bottom right and top left. One sleeve has the lace leaf detail as well, while the othe has a lace panel going all the way up it. Pretty soon, it’s going to have a button up on the neck, but now it’s held together with my pink stitch markers. And sorry for the pics, but my nine-year-old brother isn’t too skilled with a camera, and I was pretty warm in this 50% wool, 50% llama bulky weight sweater… :slight_smile:

I never would have thought I could knit a sweater, but here it is!!!

Hey! Look at you! Hooray! :cheering: Looks good!

VERY nice work! :slight_smile:

Beautiful job! My mom made a me a sweater in a similar color!

Lovely, you should feel proud. :yay::woot::yay:


I love it! Great job Girl!!

Looks great.

Yay Rachel!!! :cheering::yay::woohoo:

Great job, it is beautiful!:yay:


Yeah to Rachel! It looks terrific! Nice job!:woot:

Congratulations! That is incredible.

Hooray for first sweater:cheering::cheering::cheering:!

:woot:It looks great!

That looks fantastic! Were it with pride!

super!!! you look wonderful in the sweater!

Nice job! It looks great on you too. I’m still knitting away at my first adult sweater. My D.D. is so excited about it being almost finished. I’ll bet she wears it every day when it’s done :wink:. Knitting is fun, but it’s really cool when we can wear what we have made :yay::yay:

Rachel-do you know how many of us older knitters WISH they could knit an adult sweater like that?? IT’s awesome–and you look so cute in it!:cheering:

Wow…you did a great job on your first sweater project!! Looks really nice…


Thanks for the great response, everyone!! I was so nervous about this project, and I’m so excited to see that you all liked it.

As much as I hate hearing everyone talk about gauge swatches and everything, if you’re following a sweater pattern, I’ve learned it really is the most important thing!! Once I got that all figured out (and actually measured myself… I was making a large but my size actual size was the medium- go figure :oops:) it wasn’t that bad to make! If you take a lot of time to make sure that all of that is correct, you can totally make a sweater! And don’t be afraid of seams!!! :happydance:

Now everyone, you can all definitely knit sweaters! “Try it; you’ll like it!” :woot:

Yet again, another perfect project…your sweater looks store-bought! Great job :yay: