FO - my first successful socks!

great job…I’m working from the tutorial right now too…just finishing up the ribbing…

They’re awesome! Yay for you! I so wanna knit some socks now!!!

AWESOME!! :cheering:

You should feel VERY proud of finishing both.

I’m on Sock 1 of my first pair ever, so I can use all the inspiration I’ve seen here.

Beautiful socks! Glad to hear you overcame the second sock syndrome! I make sure to cast on the second sock within a day and usually, I’m good!

Beautiful Socks! BOTH of them! I’m impressed you got the second one out so quick. :XX:

So great to see you got them both done. I love the colors.

They look great!

It’s so easy to neglect that 2nd sock…you could do both at once on 2 circs, one long circ (magic loop) or just do Rebecca’s trick of doing 2 socks at once with two sets of dpns. All these seem to take longer since you’re doing them both at once, but it is nice to have them both finished at the same time.

BTW…how was China???

Thanks for all the compliments! For those of you who haven’t tried knitting socks yet: trust me, you can do it!! Especially if you use Silver’s tutorial…it was easy to understand. Other tutorials I tried confused the heck out of me. I’m venturing into more complicated socks (I cast on for Jaywalkers yesterday night), but I must be doing something wrong…hope I figure it out tonight!!

I haven’t tried knitting socks on 2 circular needles yet - I really want to knit Jaywalkers, but I think if I tried knitting them with circs, I would be completely lost. :?? But in due time!

China was great, thanks for asking! It was my first time there - saw some awesome sights like the Great Wall and the Terracotta Soldiers, ate yummy food, and even had some time (not enough though) to go yarn-hunting!~
I’ll end on a picture I have to share with everyone that asks me about China- I was so entertained by this sign!

Great colors!! Too cool you finished it on a trip! I think that having to make a second sock is one of the reasons I have yet to make even one. :wink: