FO: my first successful hat

FO: My first successful hat! The size is perfect (amazing, since my gauge hadn’t stabilized and it was really just a guess), but the length isn’t long enough to cover my ears. I should have extended the ribbed portion much longer so it could have a deeper fold.

Nevertheless, I learned a lot. It’s the first project I did in-the-round on a circular needle. I seem to have found how I like to hold the yarn, and have a more reliable tension. And I know my size.

:cheering: :cheering: Looks great. From what I can see, the decreases on the top came out good, too! Good for you. :wink:

I agree with Ingrid! Great Job!

:cheering: Nice color, too!

Very nice!

You’re one of the few guys who SMILES in his pictures!

Nice hat :slight_smile:
I like the colour (very bold choice).
Thanks for smiling in the pic.
(proves my point that wearing hand knits is not a punishment)

Great job :thumbsup:

[size=7][color=orange]GOOD JOB!!![/color][/size] :thumbsup:

That looks great!

I’m actually cheating a bit in the photo… I folded the front of the hat up too much, and tilted the hat forward. If folded evenly, I only have about an inch of “brim” all the way around. Not enough.

Yes, I like the color too! The wool market in Seoul is more or less for garment industry buyers, so if you want to buy just one skein for learning, there are limited choices. I’ll have a lot more choice when I’m willing to buy in packs of 4 or 8 skeins… I’m gonna try the sweater knitalong soon.

Hey Joe, nice job :thumbsup:

congrats–besides being a little short–it looks great!

That looks great–and you look great in it!! :thumbsup:

YAYYYYYY JOE!!! :cheering:

Great job!! I think it looks great! :thumbsup:

:happydance: Great job it looks great!!

Awesome work!!

Very nice! I’m working on my first hat right now too but not in the round.

Nice hat Joe!

Which hat are you working on? I am working on my first “not in the round” hat too.

Which hat are you working on? I am working on my first “not in the round” hat too.[/quote]

I should mention I did one hat before, see the simple hat with ribbed edge thread. But it was a poor excuse for headwear and I decided to learn in-the-round knitting.

This first successful hat was based on the Mielke’s Fiber Arts basic hat calculator at