FO: My First Stranded Knitting Project

This languished in my UFO pile for a ridiculous amount of time, just awaiting seaming, weaving in and buttons. It’s my first attempt at stranded colorwork. I chose a simple pattern, and I think it came out fairly nicely. The buttonband is not so hot, but meh–what are you gonna do? I might try to block it more into shape. But then again, I might not. :slight_smile:

That looks great. I love the colours you chose.

I think you did a fantastic job. Bravo!

Looks terrific! :slight_smile:

Beautiful! :inlove: Is it for you?


Thanks Jan! No, it’s not for me. It’s a toddler sweater. :teehee: Originally it was for my nephew, but considering I started in a year and a half ago it won’t fit him now. Once of my co-workers had a baby recently so I’ll probably just give it to her for the baby to grow in to. (It’s a 2T, although the baby did weight 9 lb. 7 oz. and she didn’t have any painkillers. :thud: )

I am so impressed with the wrong side! Your work is so neat. Your co-worker will be so happy to get the sweater.

It’s gorgeous!

Marria, it’s beautiful. Don’t worry about the neck, the stranding looks perfect.

I think it’s great:cheering:! Well matched colors and it definitely doesn’t look like your first colorwork:thumbsup:

Its really nice, u shud be proud of it …the colour matching is superb…thnks

The sweater is beautiful, and your stranding is so neat! I hope I do half as well as you on my first stranding project!

:happydance: beautiful!!

Wow, wow, wow!



That’s lovely! Even the reverse side looks great! My next project is going to be a pair of mittens done in stranded knitting. I’ve never done stranded knitting before, so I hope my project turns out half as well as yours did!

That sweater looks great!! I didn’t realize it was a toddler sweater either :teehee: It would make a nice adult sweater too.

Hmmm…maybe I’ll have to think about sizing it up. It’s knit in one piece, so it wouldn’t be hard to do…

that is just beautiful - inside and out!! I am so impressed!! Your post is one of the reasons I love this site - amazing what we can do!

I think it turned out awesome!!!