FO! My First Sock!

I knit a sock! Yay for me! :woot:

I used some worsted weight acrylic I had lying around.

I’d never knit in the round or on DPNs before and so that took a few tries to get it right. And my cuff ribbing is kinda’ wonky, but the rest of it looks okay.

I’m surprised that it went fairly quickly and wasn’t overwhelmingly difficult. I just took it step by step and tried not to overthink things. The hardest part was the kitchener stitch - and the hardest part of THAT was that I couldn’t just frog a couple of stitches and start over when I missed a step or things didn’t look right.

This was such a fun project, I’m already planning on making more. My husband is thrilled as his feet are on my list :slight_smile:

Your very first sock!!
Its lovely the first of many I hope.
I love knitting socks I always have a pair on the go and knit
them along side other projects.
Well done. x

Thanks, Pauline! I loved the (almost) instant gratification of the project - a little knitting and you have a cuff! A little more and there’s the heel… and so on. That’s what kept me motivated.

It’s not perfect (by a longshot!) but it is recognizable as a sock and darn comfy! I totally see how folks can become addicted to knitting them :slight_smile:

Well done! Just great!
I have not plucked up the courage to do socks yet. But i may do one day soon.:slight_smile:

It looks great!

That’s a great-looking sock! Good job!

Lookin’ good! :thumbsup:

wow socks! or sock but there hard on your way to being a super knitter.

Nice job! Pretty color, too. Careful, socks are addictive!

That looks great! Socks are fun aren’t they?

Be careful…socks can be VERY addicting:wink:

You’ll love looking at your husbands feet when he’s wearing a pair of socks that you knit!

Congrats on your first sock, it looks great~~~~

Great job on your first sock!

:woot:It looks wonderful!!! Sock knitting is very very addictive…I always have one or two right now going :teehee:

I’m working on my first sock right now. I hope it turns out as good as yours did. I had to watch the vid here about how to turn the heel to get it going again, LOL! Great work on the sockie!

llooks great! welcome to the club! :cheering:

It looks great!:woot:

Nice-looking sock! :happydance: