FO: My first sock!

I made one about 4 years ago, but had completely forgotten how and never made the other, lost the first and the yarn, so this is like my first!!!

Have to go buy more yarn to make the second one though :wink:

Looks great, Brandy!

Lookin’ good!

It looks great! I have still not ventured into the realm of sock knitting.

Brandy, I just had to say congrats to a name twin :cheering:

Wonderful job!!! Aren’t socks the best???

Is that Cartwheel in Neopolitan that you used for the yarn?

Thanks everyone!!! Brandi, yes it is!

and BTW, I’m a Brandy Lynn too!!!

well done keep going now !!!

Way to go!:cheering:

It looks great! My sock is getting closer to being worn! I have to work on the gusset today!

:happydance:Great job!!