FO - My first sock!

lol Note the title didn’t say first pair of socks… :smiley:

I made my first sock! I’m really excited about it. It was done on dpns (which I’d never done, but I totally loved) and it was with some self-striping sock yarn. I don’t particularly like how the stitches look where I picked them up after turning the heel, so if anyone has suggestions on how to make them not so stretched out when I make socks in the future, I’d appreciate it. I know I have a long way to go before I’m making amazing socks, but I never thought I could do ANYTHING like this ever, so it’s quite a victory for me :slight_smile:

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That looks great! I don’t think your picked up stitches look bad at all. GOod job! :cheering:

WOW! That is great :cheering: I am starting my first sock now (and first dpns) so completely understand your excitement - hope mine comes out as well :thumbsup:

Very nice job. you did great and sure can’t tell it’s your first time either.:cheering::cheering:

I think you did a great job! I really like that yarn!

looks good to me

Great job!

Great job!!! :cheering:What pattern did you use? I think it looks wonderful, especcially for a first sock! I haven’t made socks, only slippers (well actually one slipper… i haven’t made the other one yet. DPN’s intimidate me… :shifty:)

Great job! It is really pretty.

Lovely job. I also agree it doesn’t look like a first effort at all :slight_smile:

Indygirl…your av and gram look so much alike…very sweet! :slight_smile:

Aren’t socks and dpn’s great? After you manage the socks - you feel like you’ve climbed the Everest, don’t you agree:rofl:?

That looks great1 Love that yarn.

I think that your picked up stitches look great.

Susan P. I have people tell me my G.D. looks like me. We all think she looks just like her father. I’m the grandmother on her mother’s side so figure that one out.
Thanks & Happy Knitting

Wow, that looks great. I love how the yarn striped itself! LOL! My first sock is on my needles right now! It’s a whole 1-1/4 inches long, so far!

This is my first time with dpns, too! I was using Boye needles, from Hobby Lobby, but I went to a yarn store and bought bamboo dpns today. I think the point is a little pointier, so it’s easier to pick up a stitch if it goes off the needle. I was having trouble with that, with the metal needles. Also, there were 5 needles in the package and I like working with 5 needles better than 4. It seems like I have more room to work now. My mom bought me some Sisu Fantasy yarn. to see how far I got yesterday.

Nice socks. Love the colour too.

Congratulations !


Awesome, Redheadrachel! I want to try socks, too, but I think I have to wait till we move in eleven days. :frowning: What kind of yarn did you use?