FO - My First Sock!

:cheering: I’m making these for my mom for mother’s day. Just finished the first one this weekend! I’m following the Come To Silver instructions. Very easy to read and full of photos!

I think Peanut approves!: :wink:

Here’s another view. I’m making these according to Silver’s Sock Class (link given to me by someone on this forum)…this has lots of pictures and very well-written instructions for anyone who hasn’t tried socks yet. The toe is a Kitchener stitch, which I had never heard of before…remember, I’m new to this…but I thought it was very well-explained!:

Great job on it! It looks awesome!

Very nice…I like the color…everyone needs brown socks!

Great job on your first sock!

Great Job! :cheering:

I’ve knit 4 pairs of socks now and I STILL always refer to Silver’s instructions on the kitchener stitch, the whole tutorial is amazing!

Oh, forgot to mention, it’s a little large on me, because her feet are larger than mine. :teehee:

that looks great- what a good gift idea!!! I know she will love them.

Looks great, and the pup is cute too!! :smiley:

Hey Lu!!! Great job on the sock! I like the colour too. Your mum will love them specially as you made them just for her! :heart: samm

:notworthy: Looks really good! Wow and it’s your first sock? :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Now you’re hopelessly addicted. Socks are like crack for knitters.

Socks have become what I work on as a reward for working on stuff I don’t enjoy as much.


I know, I already have the next one planned. This one for me :o). Posted Rainy Day Socks

So how do these socks stand up to washing?

This is from another post:

OK, I just need to re-verify…is “sock yarn” better than a Paton’s Merino because you can throw it in the wash? Is ALL sock yarn machine washable? :??

I just realized this great first sock, Come to Silver instructions which I made was thanks to our KH member Silver.

So I just wanted to say
[SIZE=5][COLOR=Red]THANKS Silver!!!

Your socks look great ! That is my next project, and I will be sure to follow Silver’s Tutorial, too.

Whodda thunk it?!?:teehee:

:cheering: My 2nd pair ever. So fun to knit. A 4-row repeat, and loooove that easy picot binding edge.

Wow, it looks great! Really awesome job on your first sock, and I’m sure it’s the first of many more beautiful socks to come! Well done:happydance::happydance: