FO: My first project - Deer Dishcloth

Here’s my first project! :woot: It is the Moose Cloth (but it looks like a deer to me) from the pattern section here at KH and it is knit in Snc in Ecru. It went pretty well once I got over the fact that cotton doesn’t stretch (a beginner “duh” moment)!

I think it’s great, moose or deer. Congratulations on your first F.O.!!!

Great job! He looks like a Moose to me. Deer Moose or whatever it looks great.

Nice work!:cheering:

It looks great, Nora! Welcome to Knitting Help!

Thank you so much everyone. Considering I just took my Intro to Knitting class two weeks ago, I am fairly impressed with myself!

That is really wonderful for a first project. You are off and running now! :cheering:

Looks great! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it looked more like a deer than a moose!

Well done! :thumbsup:

Looks great. Well done.

Great job! I think he looks like a moose and I should know…I was up close and personal with one that went though our windshield a few years ago!
Great first f.o!:cheering:


Congratulations! It looks very evenly knitted to me for cotton and you followed the pattern perfectly. You should be very proud of yourself.

:yay: Congrats on your first project!! It looks wonderful!

Great job on your first project! :yay:


Great job! I love doing wash/dish cloths!

Nice deer or moose! You did a good job and that looks like a great way to practice knits and purls in a non-boring way. Whats next?

Thank you so much everyone! It did turn out pretty nice, I think - you should see it since I blocked it! The cotton gave me fits at first but I figure if I can get used to cotton other fibers should be fairly easy to work with.

Ah, the great moose/deer debate continues - I think the head looks like a moose but the antlers aren’t quite right so there I think it looks like a deer.

Maybe we will all compromise and call it an elk? :wink:

Next up was going to be a seed-stitch dishcloth pattern that I found on the Lion website but I discovered an error in the pattern (and it was actually the pattern, not just me the newbie - see my Newbie Pattern Question thread in the How-to Question forum) and I am not sure I am going to carry on with it. I have changed the pattern a bit to give a seed stitch but I may just frog it and go to a different dishcloth. I think dishcloths are good beginner projects - quickly finished and they give one a try at different methods and stitch patterns.

And I have already purchased supplies to make a ribbed scarf, too. See, I am hooked… :x:

That’s a great looking dishcloth. Congratulations!!! :yay: - trisha

Wow, your first FO makes my first FO look like crap! I am so glad I am seeing yours now instead of when I started knitting, or I would have given up!

In other words- great job! I think it looks like a deer too instead of a moose.

Looks great whichever animal it is :slight_smile: