FO: My first project- a "crib" blanket

Well, it was supposed to be a baby blanket - but i didn’t listen to my mother and figure out my gauge and ended up with this huge blanket. (i cast on 200 stitches and went to town) :oops: LESSON LEARNED

so here it is - it’s for my dear friend Jessica who is expecting any day now.


Pretty color!

I thought it was hanging on a wall then realized the picture was sideways. :teehee:

I like the color.

I didn’t check my guage for my latest project either… but you finished it and your friend will love it. And better bigger than too small. Nice choice of color, too

:thumbsup: I agree better to be to big than to small…and she will be able to get a lot of use out of it too…very pretty :yay:

I always thought the size of baby blankets was silly. I always make something they can keep using. lol so I would have done what you did on purpose. And I agree about the color

Very cute. She will love it and the longer they can use it the better.

I agree completely (that the larger the blanket the better)
the blanket that I am designing (for my cousin’s coming child, due December 20th) will be about 36x42 when finnished in mint green and yellow stripes with mint green seaming and a mint green basic lace border (my plans)
besides, gauge doesnt matter on a blanket, as long as its nice and covers the mother’s recent project (baby), size doesnt matter

Very pretty blanket. It’s a great size and color. Nice work! :yay:

:roflhard: Mom’s recent project… that’s funny!

oh i thought that as well hehe.

its beautiful, i do love the colour as well

great job :thumbsup: