FO - my first piece of knit clothing!

The infamous Anthropologie-inspired capelet. I love the pattern, and I know I don’t need to provide the link, since it’s so popular. Definitely easy and decently fast to knit - I must make more! I used KP Sierra for this one, but in the future, I will use superwash yarn, cuz the armpits felted after I wore it to my bro’s wedding.

That is gorgeous. Great job!!

that looks great - i love it in black!

:smiley: Don’t you look beautiful!! Great job :thumbsup:

Very cute!! :cheering:

Awesome! So classy!

That is so cute! I love the little flower and clasp you have on it! It makes it look so sweet and dressy!

GREAT JOB - Looks perfect on you and it’s so cool that were able to wear it to such a special occasion.

Your comment about superwash and felting did have me cracking up though! :rofling: Someboday was getting her dancing on!!

Wow, it looks great – so absolutely cute on you! Bummer about the felting though. I will def keep that in mind when I wear mine! :wink:

That looks just beautiful. You did a great job! :happydance:

awesome! you and the piece look beautiful!

That’s beautiful work, such even stitches and looks great in that color. It looks wonderful on you, and I agree that’s it’s really cool you got to wear it to such a special occasion.

Way To Go! :cheering:

I love it! I just made one in KP Sierra in Natural…I love the black! It’s such a fast knit, it’d be fun to have tons of different colors!!! :cheering:

It looks great and you look lovely. What a special knit, your first wearable to his wedding!

Kewl!! :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! I had made a pink one before the black one, but it came out too small and too short. I’ve already ordered some superwash bulky yarn to combat the felting prob. And yes, Marce, I did get my dance on (just a tad)! :lol:

It looks fantastic on you! Bummer about the felting…never thought of that before…glad you mentioned it so I can try to avoid that in the future.

It looks wonderful Cindy! You are so pretty and I’m glad you were able to wear it to such a special event!