FO: My first pair of socks!

I’m very excited about these! :woot: It’s my first pair of socks, and I used the International Sock of Doom pattern on Ravelry.

Great job, they look fabulous!

Beautifully done!

Isn’t purple great? It always looks right.

Have fun wearing them.

Congratulations! They look great! :cheering:

Now you can take on the world…after having mastered socks, eh? :teehee:

Very nice and I like the color too.

Great looking pair of socks! :thumbsup:

:rofl: Who knew DPNs and socks would have such an effect on me??

Lovely socks! Great color, and you did a fabulous job.

Great pair of socks! Love the color and the name!!

They look great! You did a wonderful job. It’s hard to believe it’s your first pair:yay: :yay:

Congratulations, they look very nicely done!

Congrats!!! They turned out wonderful!!