FO - my first pair of socks!

i started these about two weeks ago - they are knit with on line supersocke yarn, on size 3 DPNs. i had to knit the second sock with vision in only one eye, and the ladders on it are more noticeable, but still not bad for my first pair of socks.

Woohoooo!! :woohoo: Great job!!

That is a terrific! job and a first pair! Wait until pair number ten…you will do that with a blindfold. Good for you that you did the work with a sight issue. :slight_smile:

They look really good!!! :slight_smile:

Wow, GREAT job!! They look awesome.

They look great! Beautiful colorway!

They look amazing! Great yarn choice for your first pair of socks! Nice work :smiley:

Excellent–they are perfect! :cheering:

[SIZE=6][COLOR=darkorange]LOVE EM!![/COLOR][/SIZE] Great job on your 1st pair. :woot:

Wow!! Love them. I’m working on my first pair, hopefully they’ll turn out as nice as yours. Great work!

thanks everyone! i maintain that it’s all about the yarn, really - get a good colorway and the rest just falls into place…

now i’m on to completing my tilli thomas silk yumminess scarf!

Very nice job! :heart: the yarn!

cheers to you! and, i love the colorway! :inlove:


They look great! I’m currently working on a pair of socks with online supersocke yarn but in a different color.