FO - My first pair of socks!

Hey everyone! I just finished my first pair of socks, which I’ve been knitting obsessively since early Friday evening. I’m sure they’re not the best socks in the world, but they were definitely a learning experience. I just keep looking down at my feet and can’t believe it - I KNIT SOCKS!

For anyone who’s afraid of knitting socks and/or using dpns, I’m telling you - it’s not SO hard, and it’s soooooooo extremely worth it! :smiley:

BUT, for people who knit lots of socks and know how to improve stuff, I had a couple problems. I think it look stretched out where I picked up the stitches, and that’s on both socks. And one sock has a little hole on one side (bigger than the others) from where I joined the heel and the instep. And also the heel of one sock was quite a bit looser than the other, but I’m not sure why. Does anyone know how to fix some of that stuff?

Those are beautiful! I can’t believe they’re your first socks. What is that yarn? I love it. Did you use Silver’s tutorial?