FO: My first pair of socks!

I posted before when I was almost done with my first sock but now its official…I have a pair!! I used Silver’s Sock Class to work through it. It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be (thanks Silver!!!:hug:). I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to make a pair of socks but every step was outlined so clearly!! There’s a few wonky places but for the most part I think they came out alright.

The yarn was from the last KH yarn Swap given to me by my secret pal Eloewien. She gave me the softest pink merino wool. I have to say that I’ve never had softer socks in my life!! Seriously I was wearing them last night when I finished even though it was 95 degrees out!!:shock: I had to shut myself in my bedroom which is the only room in my apartment with A/C.

Congratulations on a lovely pair of socks! I’ve got my first pair on the needles. I hope they turn out as nice.

Way better than my first pair!

OK…those socks are FAB! You should be proud!

Does that wool have silk in it too? They have nice sheen on them in your photos…

And is that a cute little design on the top of the cuff?!


lovely!!! and pink! (pink scores bonus points!)

Its 100% wool but its so soft and nice. I forgot the brand, I’ll have to look. The top of the cuff is just a K2,P2 ribbing that I did for 5 rows.

Your socks are beautiful! Congrats on your first pair, they look amazing!

They look great! And, those are your first socks?! :shock:

I just bought the yarn to start Silver’s tutorial - hope I have as much luck! Great job!! :thumbsup:

Those are great! As soon as I get a few more projects done I’m going to have to see just how much I can learn from Silver.

Yeah!!! GREAT job! It’s so nice to be able to say you can knit socks, isn’t it?!

Yes, I love it! And people I’ve showed have been amazed that I made them:teehee:

They look excellent! I have yet to cross “The Sock Barrier” - congratulations on doing so!