FO - My First Pair of Socks!

Hey y’all! I’m so excited! I just finished my first pair of socks. It’s the baby cable rib pattern from SKS done in Dancing (KP).

Thanks for all of the help I received when working on them!! :muah:

they are gorgeous!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

way to go! those are gorgeous!

Those are so pretty! Good job!

Great job!!! Socks are so addicting!

Wow. Socks and cables!!! :notworthy: Two things I haven’t tried yet.
They’re beautiful!

The cable pattern is EASY!!! No cable needle required.

Thanks for the kind words, y’all!! :muah:

Those are beautiful!

I have yet to decide on the pattern for my first pair of socks. A friend mailed me fingerling gray… I don’t know what to do with it yet!

Very nice! Great fit. You should be proud!!

Just LOVELY!!!

:cheering: :cheering:

Way to go!

beautiful! and, inspiring, as i’m working on a pair right now. :cheering: