Fo my first pair of clogs!

I have completed my first pair of clogs and they were so much easier than I expected! :happydance:

How neat! I just bought the pattern and the yarn but I’m working up my confidence to start. I hope mine turn out as nicely as your’s!

Thanks! I was very intimidated looking at the pattern but after I got started it was pretty easy I found using a dry erase marker to keep my place very helpful I have the pattern in a clear sleeve so I just crossed out the lines as I completed them then wiped it all off when I was done.

Those are pretty!

That is a fantastic idea for pattern markings! I tend to write all over the pattern, but that is a better way to go, and GREAT job on the clogs! i’ve been eyeing them in the KAL section… :notworthy:

Nice job! I’m making a pair for my DB right now with very similiar blue/grey.

I’ve used dry erase markers for other things (maps mostly) but found that they sometimes would leave behind a faint color so I switched to overhead projector markers and they come perfectly clean when wet and wiped.

Happy clogging…

Great job! Such great colors!

They look great!!
I have the pattern, just need the yarn to make them- but yeah that big pattern looks intimidating to me

Those look great–they’ve been on my to-do list for a while. I kept saying I was going to try them as a Christmas gift for my dad and then never got around to it. Maybe next Christmas??? There are other holidays coming up but in GA–it has to be dead of winter for you to wear something like that (it’s 68 here today!)

Aren’t they fun? A very rewarding knit. They look complicated but they are pretty straightforward. A quick knit for those of “instant gratification” types.

Great job! Wow, I’m seeing those everywhere…

Those are so cute! Are they the kids size? I need to make a pair for both of my boys but have not made the kids yet, only adults.

They are the smallest kids size I made them in one day felting and all!

They came out great!!! I want to make my son and daughter a pair, but I bought both the kids and adult pattern and my son spilled grape juice on the kids pattern and I can’t read it. I’m going to try to guess how to make it based on the adult pattern, I just don’t want to spend the money again and fiber trends wouldn’t replace the pattern when I emailed them. Kids!!!
Thanks for shairing thoe pictures. They are adorable.

How sweet! Makes me want to order that pattern now! I was going to make a pair of clogs for hubby, but he found a pair of leather slippers that he liked more.

Another tip for crossing off lines on patterns - they make eraseable highlighters now…


Blue Eyes
What a great idea to keep your place on your pattern :cheering: :cheering: Put your pattern in a clearl plastic sleeve and check it off as you go…!~~ :eyebrow: :eyebrow: