FO - My First "Nice" Socks

I finally finished a pair of socks worthy of wearing. Still not “giftable” but I’m wearing them around the house and rather proud of them.

They are made from Opal yarn and I used the Knitting Pure and Simple beginner sock pattern. I still like the Silver’s heel better.

One thing…I’m not all that impressed with Opal. It doesn’t feel as soft as I expected. Maybe that will change with washing? I’ve bought some Cherry Hill and Lorna’s for my next two pairs.

Anyway, here they are :slight_smile:

They are beautiful, Kathy!

Washing the opal should soften it a bit - just use some wool wash or hair conditioner to soak them.

The Lorna’s laces will be delicious! :cheering:

They look wonderful!

Those look great! You’ll love working with the Cherry Tree Hill.

Beautiful Kathy!

I’m VERY impressed. Really nice looking pattern! Beautifully done. Be proud and wear them in good health.

Thanks so much! I got so much encouragement from here I just had to make them :slight_smile: I’ve already cast on a new pair :happydance:

Very, very pretty! I’m assuming this is self-striping yarn (not familiar with it).

You even made the stripes match! You GO GIRL!!!

Those look great!

I am making a pair with CTH and they are way, way softer than Opal.

congrats! :cheering: they look great! :heart: