FO: my first month of knitting

i started off simple…

2x2 rib knit scarf
then i learned to increase and decrease…

kerchief-type-thing with a bit of a raggedly i-cord
tried out knitting in the round…

kittyville hat from stitch and bitch, but with pom poms instead of ears
and finally i cabled!

cabled wristwarmers

i have had a pretty informative month! next up, i’m aiming for a sweater and a bramble-stitch shawl, although i have been sorely tempted by all the pretty patterns i have seen on this forum!

Holy COW! Stunning work!

Everything looks great! I haven’t tried cables yet, but I’m hoping to soon.

Those look fantastic! I love working cables…they’re especially fun! :smiley: And wow, its in your first month of knitting!!!

Wow! I am IMPRESSED!!!

:heart: LOVE :heart: the scarf!!!

You’re are doing fantastic! :cheering:


Wow! That’s awesome! I LOVE the cabled wristwarmers. Can you share the pattern and what type of yarn you used? It looks very soft and comfy!

Great Job!!

thats GREAT for you first month knitting! Bite my butt and call me an apple :hug:

Wow! I’ve been knitting for like 2 yrs and I still haven’t tryed cables. Great job~! :cheering:

WOW!! Awesome job! Those wrist warmers are on my to-do list – LOVE the color! What yarn did you use?

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Very sucessful first month - congratulations!!! Everything looks wonderful!

thanks, everyone - it has been a learning experience for me, and i am looking forward to my next month of knitting…

the cabled wristwarmers were knit with cascade yarns venezia merino silk, 2 balls (which i got for half price at my lys!) - the pattern is from ‘the knitter’s bible knitted accessories’ - i probably shouldn’t post it publicly, [size=1]but if you want it, PM me and i can email it to you…[/size]

WOW all that from your 1st month :shock: :thud: Everything looks great :cheering: :cheering: I :heart: :heart: the kittyville hat.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

OMG! :passedout:

I’ve been knitting for a month and have yet to finish one project!! You’re good!!


Holy cow you rock!

I have been knitting for over a year and still haven’t tried to learn how to cable :teehee:

Beautiful work! I love your scarf :cheering: :cheering:

Impressive! :passedout:

Woah! Nice work! And so much in just one month!!! Where did you get the pattern for the hand warmers? I think I’ve seen them before and I’d like to find it again.

the pattern, like i said, came from ‘the knitter’s bible: knitted accessories’. i actually love this book - it has some fantastic patterns, and the instructions are very detailed, so a beginner like me can follow them easily.