FO: My first little mitten

(well, technically it’s my second, but it’s my first pair - the 2nd mitt turned out better than the 1st). This was so much fun! I’m ready to start on my next pair but need to knock out a couple more Christmas gifts first. This is from Sivia Harding’s pattern Thanks to Ingy and Julie for helping me figure out the thumb gusset. It totally clicked when I did the second mitten. :happydance:

That is so cute! Looks very festive for this season, too! :thumbsup:

Stacey, that is just the cutest mitten EVER! I love it!! :thumbsup:

That is just darling! You did a great job :cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: Great job!!

It is so CUTE! Somebody is going to love their new mittens!


So cute! Lucky baby :slight_smile:

Thanks, y’all! :smiley: You guys have made me feel so good about it. I was thrilled with the little thing myself, and very pleased to be making some progress with my knitting. I feel like with each project I learn more and more - and even from the first mitten to the second I felt like I just learned so much!

Turns out I didn’t have the right size needles to start the Christmas project I was going to start this afternoon, so I’ve started my next pair of little mittens. They are a bit addictive! :XX: :XX: :XX:

How adorable! Now I wanna try. They are just…awwww…so cute! :heart:

OMG that is so cute. :thumbsup:

Oh, how adorable! :inlove: I love wee knits!

Not too late to ask Santa for some Denise interchangeables…then you’ll always have the right size for the next project! :smiley:

Or Boyes…:wink:

[size=2](to be fair, I’ve never knit with the Denises…but I love the Boyes! :heart: )[/size]

Or Boyes! Whatever makes you happy! :wink:

:happydance: Great job so cute!!