FO - My first knitting project ever! Baby hat with flaps

Hello everyone! I’m new here…so I hope I’m doing this right.

This is the first thing I have ever put together. And my beautiful baby girl modeling her new hat…

Cute hat, beautiful model! What better? (smile) Welcome to KH!

Welcome to KH. Your baby looks adorable in the hat. Great color choice of yarn.

I was expecting it and I scrolled down and here is Miss Beautiful modeling her stunning hat! What a beauty!!:inlove:

Oooh, I love it!! :heart: Your baby girl is sooo cute and the hat is perfect, cheery and bright-great job!

Adorable!!! And the hats pretty cute too!

AWWW She is sooo cute!! I love the hat, and welcome to KH:thumbsup:

aww what cutie!! The hat looks great congrats on your first knitting project :woot:

Welcome CrystalW!

What a beautiful hat and the model is even cuter!!! What a gorgeous little girl! :muah:

Thanks ladies for the sweet comments!!! I’m so glad I found this little piece of heaven on the internet!

Welcome to KH! I am new also and love all the advise and ideas from all the wonderful peaople here!
Congratulations on a beautiful first knit!! keep it up!

What a sweet, colorful hat for your precious baby! It looks like she’s enjoying the straps too. Welcome to the forum!

Welcome aboard. The hat and model are gorgeous :slight_smile:

What a cute hat and baby! Welcome to KH!:yay:

What everyone else said. Your baby is beautiful! The hat looks great on her, and welcome to KH.

:heart: :heart: it and your model’s a cutie too :slight_smile:

What a sweetie! The hat is cute too!