FO - My first knitted items

I was first introduced to knitting by my future inlaws (my boyfriends mother and grandmother) over xmas (not this past one, but hte one before that), when I expressed an interest. I was gifted the yarn and pattern to make a simple poncho…so I started knitting this :

I then thought to myself : “Self, I hate this thing… I would never wear it…I hate the colors and the thickness…” …

So…I gave it to my cats:)…

Then, I got some yarn I actually liked, and made myself this scarf :

I loved doing it… loved my new smaller bamboo needles… but wanted to do something a little more than a scarf…so I made this hat [this is the project where I discovered I knit preddy damn tight]:

I want to make another hat with that yarn, doubled, and with more stitches, so it doesnt look like my brain is gonna pop out of my skull.

Now, since I started knitting, my brother asked me to make hima Jayne hat. So I found a pattern, and knitted it last night in about 6 hours. This is the prototype. Im gonna have to knit a new one, once again, with more stitches to make it look right…I added some, but apparently not enough:)

Oh yea…this is what the other cat does when I knit… the yarn is a good pillow I guess

P.S. Can anyone tell me the proper tags to make my pictures center aligned??

Great hats! I love them.

Your cat is also adorable…

I love the Jayne hat! do you have the pattern? I would Love a Jayne for myself! I love Firefly.


I have actually seen a few Jayne hat patterns out there…

This is the one I used…

I plan on modifying it slightly on my next jayne hat… Like doing a few more rows of reducing up top to create a smaller hole…and just running the yarn through the stitches at the end to draw it together instead of binding off and then sinching…And like I said, since I stitch tight, I need to add a few stockiniette rows to each section, including the ear flaps…and widening the ear flaps from 8 stitches to 12 … then I think it will look like it does in the picture :slight_smile:

I LOVE the Jayne hat. :slight_smile: The first hat I made was one.

I also really like the colors of your other hat. What kind of yarn is it?

LOVE the FO’s!!!

They look great :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

My cats would like to tell your cat that they agree with the choice of pillow. And are a little envious that your cat has some knitting of its very own to lay on.

Apparently my cat would also like me to know that I must get off the computer now. That or scroll back up to your kitty…

:cheering: great FO’s. i was thinking that maybe instead of adding stitches, you could go up one or two sizes with your needles to make a looser stitch :smiley:

[color=indigo]Great hats! :cheering:

Have you been working in the round, on circular needles?

Landolphe [/color]

Nice work!!! Cute cats!

awesome work–I like the “super tight” hat!

Thanks:) … I actually did what the instructions suggested… Red heart yarn gold, ranch red, and carrot. I had asked my brother whether he would prefer “good” yarn, or an authentic ‘crappy’ look… he wanted authentic so I was happy to go with red heart… I actually surpised at how much I like it. In fact, Im wearing the first one now… did most of his last night (with the sizing corrections).

And birdy… I think our cats would have fun. Im surprised you cats have no knitted items!.. my cats always get my cast offs (back in my crochet days too when I was just swatching to check out new yarns)…but I guess that has to do with my aversion to frogging:)

hehe I could do that… but I like the tight look… that and the fact that Im just building my needle collection and the size 11’s I bought for htis hat are the biggest I have :slight_smile: (I hate big needles… at least big straight needles… I dont mind big cicular ones that much)

Circular totally! When I found out I could make a hat using only a knit stitch and not having to turn my work, I totally jumped on that !.. with my first hat I had to move to DPNs at the end…but its not necessary with the jayne hat because it doesnt decrease so much

Thank you all!

Excellent work and CAYUTE babycat. I love cuddly babycats like that. :slight_smile:

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

LOL very nice yea my cat does the same thing at least yours doesnt like to put it in its mouth so when you get to knit that part of the yarn its nice and wet. EWW I hate that.