FO: My First Knitted Garment

Wow, that is great. What a great job you did on your first garment!

So pretty X

Wow, that looks really great! :thumbsup:


Beautiful job! I love that color!

Good for you. I wish I was that far in my skills. Good job!

:happydance: It looks wonderful!

One of my fave patterns, and yours is awesome. You are on your way!

Beautiful! You did a great job! Feels wonderful after you have finished your first, doesn’t it?!

Very cute. You did a great job.

…and cute for the first project!!!:inlove:
Welcome to a knitter’s comunity!:hug:

Very cute! And I love this color.

Thank you, and :psst: yes it does feel nice to finally accomplish more than a dishcloth… -Trisha :slight_smile:

wow i wish my first project was even quarter as good as yours. its stunning. very lucky little baby. its beautiful

:cheering: Hooray! Well done especially for a first FO!

What a beautiful sweater! I love the texture of your yarn–is it cotton?

Wow. I can’t believe your first FO is so complicated. I thought I was being quite impressive when I finally did a diagonal garter stitch scarf. Very beautiful. You must be so proud.

Thank you for the compliment. No the yarn isn’t cotton, it’s Caron Simply Soft yarn which is 100% Acrylic. It is soft and easy to work with. :wink:

Thank you very much. You’re right, I am proud, but I’m sure your scarf is just as lovely and you have ever right to feel impressive with your accomplishment. :thumbsup:

Thanks! -Trisha

Awwww nice looking BSweater. I love the pattern =)