FO: My first knitted dishcloth!

[color=darkblue]As some of you already know, I just started knitting on October 1st. I have made two hats, a scarf and am working on a sweater for my three year old grandson. Starting the sleeves right now.
I just finished my first dish cloth today. It has the NY initials on it and New York State.
Take a look:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: EXCELLENT job, my friend!! You can see the state & NY very clearly…girl, you are knitting up a storm…WTG :wink:

From one New Yorker to another, excellent job!


That came out great, Susie! I made the cat one. :wink:

That looks fantastic! The state and abbreviation are really clear!

:cheering: :cheering:

[color=darkblue]Rebecca, Ingrid, Kelly, Jan and Angela,
Thanks SO much for everything. You gals are SO helpful and SO encouraging.
I bet those things can be addicting.

Looks great! You can totally see the initials and state! Good job!

Great job Susie! I really like the color!

:cheering: Great job!!!

[color=darkblue]Andrea, Sara, Dustinac,
Thanks for liking it. I thought the color was pretty cool too.
It would be great to make a wall hanging out of a bunch of them.

You could do all 50 states!! :happydance: :shock:

That looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing the pic. I’m working on a dishcloth too but um… I misplaced some stitches so I have to go back a few rows. :wink:

How cool! Great job.

All 50 states??? Nah! How about all things related to my life. Anyone have dishcloth patterns with sewing, knitting, bread baking, walking, etc. etc. etc. LOL,

Thanks. :slight_smile:
I had a mess up on the side and tried to fix it but no luck. Oh well. Hope you get your corrected,

[color=darkblue]Thanks April. :slight_smile: