FO- My First hat!

Hello all! Well, this is my first completed project on dpns, and my first hat, so I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s supposed to one of those slouchy beret things, but it didn’t turn out nearly as slouchy as I wanted. But I still think it looks good. :slight_smile:

Looks like it would be very nice. I like the color, too.

It looks great. Congrats! Is this the start of an addiction? :teehee:

Thanks! I do believe it is lol. And I’m surprised I actually enjoyed using the dpns. I figured I’d poke myself in the eye or something.


:yay: Congrats on your first dpn project!! It looks great and I love the color!

I tried to make a slouchy hat last year and it ended up only being slouchy on my 4yr old :rofl:

Thanks! :mrgreen: I figure I’ll probably give it another go after I finish some more projects. I figure maybe if I had a few more inches to it, maybe it’ll be slouchy like it’s supposed to.

Looks great!

Looks great…my first hat was on straights so you are doing a great job;)

Looks great. Keep up the good work.

:woohoo: you did it and now you have opened up a whole new world of hats for yourself.


Congratulations on your first hat. I like dpns too. I love circular hats, so easy, no seam. Works for me. :slight_smile: Have you made another one yet?

Do the big pictures of your cats come up with everything you post? It makes it very slow for my dial up connection.


Aw! That’s a wonderful hat! Great job!! WOOT for dpn knitting does a dance :woot:

What a great hat. I haven’t even tried dpn’s yet. I am kinda scared of them :roflhard:

You’re little grey kitty looks like my Shanti - she even has a little white spot on her forehead like Shanti - although Shanti’s is more pronounced. Here’s a picture of Shanti.