FO My first ever knitted sock


Ok, so here are a few pictures of DH test driving his new sock. I let him wear the sock just long enough to take pictures and make sure that it fits him.

Here are the pictures of [B]MY FIRST KNITTED SOCK![/B]

I am sorry picture number three is so dark. I was trying to show the heel off, but it did not want to show up too well. Anyways, this is the sock, my very first attempt.

Thanks for looking!


Wow That was fast! Nice job!

Sorry the colours on the picture are not very accurate. It is late at night to be taking pictures and inside pictures don’t turn out too well in here I find. Anyways, I will CO number 2 sock tomorrow and go at it again.

The only thing I don’t like is the way the grafting turned out. It sure is NOT invisible unless I did it wrong. Perhaps the second sock will look better. We shall see.

Anyways, I have earned my bed tonight and that is where I am going right now!

Fits on the first try! Great job!

Congrats!!! It looks awesome!

Yay ! Way to go Knitter. It looks great:)

That looks great Christine! Don’t worry about grafting, the first time I did it, it looked like poo. The second time was a little better and when I did it last night it looked like it was supposed to-you’ll get the hang of it.

:yay: Great job!!

Clever girl!!

Wow! Nice sock! Your DH was a good sport about modeling, wasn’t he?

He`s a pretty good sport. He is pleased that I have found a hobby that makes me happy and fills my empty hours, so he is willing to model, take pictures, even put up with my all-night knitting binges. He is a great guy!

That first sock is magical isn’t it!? It looks fabulous! :yay:

You may need to adjust the white balance when your indoors. Incandescent lights make everything look yellow. :wink:

Thanks. I was so pleased with everything except the grafting. My ummm grafting (if that is what you can call it) looked like caca. I hope it gets better next time.

White balance… OMG, I only just figured out how to change the date on this camera because when the batteries ran out last time and I installed new ones, I had some funky date in 2005. I have no earthly clue how to adjust the white balance.

Great first sock! You really did a nice job. I’m casting on my first one today! Woo hoo! I only hope it goes as well as yours did!

Great first sock. You will love them, they are so comfortable to wear.

Hi Ann:

There are two tricks to knitting socks. The first one is Shandehs YouTube video on joining to knit in the round. The second one is Silvers Sock Tutorial. With these two things at your disposal you can`t go wrong. Best of luck with your First Ever Hand Knit Sock!


that sock came out really great! good job!

Congrats!!! :yay:

I hope my first sock turns out so well!

yay sock! Nice work! Now to #2!

Already CO and have knit one inch of the ribbing. No SSS for this girl! Thanks for the support. :woohoo: