FO: My First ever hat!

So today I finished the hat from headhuggers and it is my first ever hat! Made using my new Denise needles. All went well until the end when I had to improvise and make a needle out of plastic covered wire.

In order to finish the hat I needed some double point needles, I didn’t have any, so following Amy’s fabulous video I made some from the smallest dowell I could get. Alas the hat was knit using 4mm needles and the smallest dowell was 6mm. I decided as it was mainly a practice hat, it wouldn’t matter a huge amount. I’ll pop to the store tomorrow and get some 4mm double pointers :rofling:

That came out cute! Good job! :cheering:

Hooray, isn’t it fun when you complete a project!

Like climbin’ everest…lol

Rhy :thumbsup:

Great job! :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Great job! I haven’t made dpns yet, but I think it would be so fun!! Way to go!

That is very cute! You did a great job!

You should feel very proud of that - and your homemade needles!

Great job!

:smiley: I love your hat color, fantastic job on your dnps :smiley:

Your hat is beautiful! :smiley:

I’ve also made a bunch of dpn’s using Amy’s instructions. Wal-Mart here (the extent of my local yarn shop :mad: ) doesn’t carry dpn’s, and when I get in the mood to begin a project, I don’t have the patience to wait for a mail order. :rollseyes:

Last night, I began a pair of baby booties, and when I got to the part of needing the dpn’s, I quickly realized I needed 5 dpn’s with this project. I have a set of metal ones I bought in a “lot” of needles off eBay once. I was going to use a dowel to make a 5th needle when I discovered a package of bamboo skewers in a drawer in the kitchen. I grabbed my trusty needle gauge and sure enough, they were the size three I needed! :cheering:

One end was already pointed, so I broke off a few inches and whittled the other end to a point, and sanded them a little. Voila! A new needle is born! :thumbsup:

those are cool, well done :thumbsup: :cheering:

Really nice hat. I like making hats but am still too scared to try using dpns. You picked a gorgeous coloured yarn too. :thumbsup:

cute hat and great that you were able to improvise with the dowells…

Great job - you should be proud!

Thank you for the replies! :blush: I am rather proud of the needles, when I showed my mother, she said “your father would have been proud of you making those” :happydance:

That is so great! Your first hat ever on the first set of needles you ever made! :thumbsup:

:thinking: did you say you started in interchangable needles? :XX:
:?? that have the Chord that switches between needle heads?
why not use just the needle head without the chord to use instead of the DPN? :smiley:
thats what I did, granted I used 2 sizes, but still