FO: My first child sock

This is the pattern I used. I did change the toe because I didn’t like it round so much. Its for my 4 yr old niece and she can’t wait till I finish the 2nd one.

sorry :rollseyes: … here is the patter

Adorable! The colors look bright - great for a child!

Great job! I love the colors! :thumbsup:

BEYOND cute! You’re niece will be BEYOND thrilled!

Superb sock! That’s what so great about knitting kids’ socks, they go so quickly!

:cheering: :happydance: Most excellent :happydance: :cheering: I always love seeing future socknitting addicts :wink:

Cute and FUN!! :thumbsup:

Lucky kid!!!

cute socks =D

Aaaaawwwww! That is so cute.

So cute!

I really like the yarn you used. That is such a cute sock!

that is fantastic! i want to have a go at socks but just dont seem to have enough time to read patterns!! maybe when my twins are older :lol:

thank you for all your nice words.

I have to say that I am turning into a sock addict… I just love to make them!

That yarn is wild!!! Lovin’ the sock! Congrats on your first sock, and welcome to the lovely addiction of sock knitting!