FO - My first cabled hat

My DD1 requested a cabled hat. I wanted to test a pattern first before I did hers in good yarn so I used some random yarn I had laying around. I think it came out pretty cute. I found the pattern was a little large so I know what to do now.

VERY nice
I was looking at a pattern much like that one
but then I went and bought some books
Stupid me


It looks great Jan! I love how the cables come out of the ribbing like that - nice detail!

beautiful!!! :cheering: that looks like the perfect hat!



very nice! the color and the cables are perfect for winter!

It’s great Jan! :cheering:
I love making cable hats, my favourite one is the Hermione hat from atypically knit.

AAAHHHHH THAT IS PERFECT!!! :cheering: you have to share the pattern!!!


Thank you everyone! Here is the pattern link.
Cable hat

did you use circs, dpns, both? how many did you casyt on and what size needles did u use? how many inches is the brim? any other questions i may not have mentioned…etc…I LOVE YOUR HAT!!! oh yeah it looks like wool ease kind of.


It IS Wool-Ease! Good call! :teehee: I the pattern linked above so whatever it says. I used circs and dpns.


I love your hat. I like that the cables continue to the top. Some hats I have seen stop the cables and then do the top in stockinette.

Very nice work, Jan!

I see the pattern calls for worsted weight and 4.5mm needles…

I want to use bulky weight and 5.5 mm needles… should I only CO 84 stitches instead do you think? (seems to make sense to me)


My mom will love it for Christmas in a gorgeous Red!

You can CO however many you want, just be mindful of the pattern repeat. Offhand I’m not sure what it is… I’ll have to check…

That’s a wonderful hat Jan! I’ve yet to do cables, I’ve been so lazy but now that I see that hat I’ve just got to stop making simple hats. Stockinette I mean. With the usual bit of ribbing. Think I’ve been intimidated by cables but I also think I shouldn’t be!

That turned out great!!! I just love cable knit hats. :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Is this knit-around or 1-piece and sewed?