FO: my Einstein Jacket

I love this jacket, and where it when I want to be warm. Always get compliments, and I’m very pleased with the way it wears and washes.


your picture doesn’t come up!!

:?? I was sooooo excieted to see this because it is sooo beyond my experience but no pic!!!

That’s really beautiful, and I love the colors. Are you planning on another one? A couple of people on Ravelry have made several in different lengths.

I have the wool for one, but haven’t started it yet.

It looks awesome! I’m really impressed with the way you modified the pattern. Nice work.

The second link works. It’s beautiful! I can certainly see why you get so many complements on it! Great job!

It looks wonderful. Love the colours.

There it is! I love it! :muah:

:happydance: it looks wonderful!!

It came out great!!

Ahh there it is…wow that is beautiful! was worth the wait to see it!!!


Looks nice. I love the shorter jacket version too. I made one once for one of my DGDs. Very sporty looking.

Very very nice! I like the striping factor of your yarn! Shows up the lines really nice!

Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup: