FO: My Christmas Ornaments

I’m so excited about these, I designed these crochet ornaments all by myself! I’d like to share the patterns with others, and was hoping that someone would be willing to read through three short patterns to see if they are understandable. Any volunteers? I’d greatly appreciate it!
They are made with crochet thread, and either size G or H hooks.
My inspiration came from here: .
Anyway, here are some pics!

Those are beautiful!!

They are stunning. Great work :slight_smile:

Simply beautiful. I am sorry I don’t crochet or I would gladly read the pattern for you. Best of luck and keep up the great work!

I would be happy to read the pattern for you! those are beautyful!.

Thanks Redmom37, I’m going to proofread them again, and then I’ll pm you. I really appreaciate it!

wow- those are gorgeous! I may try today to go through the pattern. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Thanks everyone for your comments! I went ahead and added the pattern to my new blog.
I took down one of the patterns, because I thought it needed a little more tweaking, but the other two patterns are there.


Love Those! :heart:

I love your ornaments!


Thank you!

Such pretty ornaments! Thanks for sharing. I’ve got them stored in my folder. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do them next year, if I can wait that long.

These are great. They remind me of some my grandmother used to make. She added beads and sequins buy pinning them on certain parts of the crochet. Might sound not so good but the results were awesome!

I love them, might try out pattern for next X-mas.
see me at :cheering: marvalousMarva@ Ravelry just got my invite. :woohoo:

Happy New Year to all :muah: